See Something, Say Something: Accidental Poems of
Rat Shoesies

I get on the F at Jay Street

and we both get off on 23rd

the every-once-and-again

I see you.

In nicer weather

you wear rat shoes.

Anyways, I like you.

I like the train

when we both ride it.

You may or may not

have seen me —

I’m a plain looking guy

mostly. I guess

I’m sort of tall

but not sure

what else I can say?

Anyways, I’d like

to hang out with you,

but talking to people

on the subway

in the morning

usually doesn’t come easily

(or successfully).

Hope you see this

so we can hang

and see if this

is as awesome

as I’m hoping.

you are married. don’t email me.

come on private,
what exactly

is the point

of writing me

to tell me

you were thinking of me/

missing me?

i honestly didn’t think

that the leash

you’ve always kept

around my little neck

would be long enough

to cross oceans.

but it must be,

because i can feel you

tugging on it,

making sure i’m still yours

even though you obviously

made your choice already.

you are there, i am here.
you are a quitter, i believed in us.
you have her,

i have my abandonment complex.

don’t email me,

you are married.


your aesthetics

are in


with mine.